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Bombarded with misinformation and dubious “insider” studies from the food industry, we have been led to believe that vegetable oils are good for us. The reality is that most cooking oils are highly processed with extreme temperatures, bleach and other chemicals – like the neurotoxin hexane. The finished product is not only lacking in nutrition; it can destroy your health faster than any food on the market.

The Best and Worst Cooking Oils

Soybean, cottonseed, canola and corn oil are difficult to avoid as they are in almost all prepared foods, whether fresh, canned, bottled, packaged dry or frozen. Just try finding salad dressings, deli items, and “convenience” meals without them.

The main problem with these and most other oils – aside from the manufacturing process – is that they are high in omega-6. If not balanced with omega-3, over-consumption can lead to increased inflammation, hormonal imbalance and thyroid disorders, obesity and weight gain, and higher cholesterol.

Canola oil, unless organic, is manufactured from genetically engineered rapeseed plants. Research has shown that this oil leads to significant declines in memory and can cause you to gain weight. Cottonseed, soybean, and corn oil also come from genetically altered plants.

Healthier Alternatives

Omega-3 rich coconut oil, grass-fed butter, sesame oil and extra virgin olive oil are a healthier choice. Olive oil should be avoided when cooking at high temperatures, but is fine when sautéing foods over medium heat.

For more information, check out Dr. Mercola’s chart below and visit Food Babe’s website.

Healthiest Cooking Oil Infographic

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