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Dr. Mercola 

Weston Price Foundation 

Donna Gates – The Body Ecology Diet

Natural News – The Health Ranger

The Non-GMO Project

What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You

Dr. Axe


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National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) 

Homeopathic Research

Homeopathy Plus – what to expect from Homeopathic treatment


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National Vaccine Information Center

Pro/Con website – list of ingredients for each vaccine

Dr. John Bergman – My favorite doctor tells it like it is – based on research, not opinion


Vax Choice Vermont

Vaccination News

Think Twice

Stop Mandatory Vaccination

My Kids – My Choice

Dr. Thomas Levy – how Vitamin C can help to detox vaccine damage

Dr. Mercola – Another favorite doctor who posts articles on a wide variety of subjects, including vaccines


Vaccine Education – Articles 


Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease

How live virus vaccine affects others 

The Natural Decline of Infectious Disease 

Vaccines do not Cause Autism

CDC Lies, Scandal, and Lack of Safety Research

CDC Cover-up Investigation

The CDC is a Vaccine Company

Vaccine Facts

Vaccination is not immunization

How Deadly was Polio?

Death from Measles – or Measles vaccine?

The latest published study (2014)  

Unvaccinated Kids Healthier than Vaccinated – Doctors Agree 


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Vaccine Education Network : Anti-Vax Community

Vaccination Re-education Discussion Forum

Vaccine Injury Stories

Vaccine Choices – Fact vs Fiction

Vaccines – The Harmful and Deadly Truth