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Natural Flu Solutions 



Over the years, nutrition and homeopathic remedies have kept my family well during cold and flu season. Following are the best foods and supplements to both prevent and treat illness this winter – or any time of the year.

GARLIC and LEMON. At the first signs of illness, start drinking lemon water with honey and cayenne pepper (or sip this homemade tonic.). Mince or chop garlic and add to honey (I use Manuka for it’s anti-viral properties) or use the entire bulb gently simmered in broth.

VITAMIN C. If sick or exposed to illness, take 1000 mg hourly for 6 hours, then 1000 mg 3 times daily. Otherwise, take 1,000 mg a day to maintain health. If you are prone to fever blisters, ascorbic acid can be taken with magnesium.

VITAMIN E – 800 to 1200 IU daily is commonly suggested during cold and flu season.

VITAMIN D – Dosage depends on your weight and levels of D, so check with your physician or take a home test. D is highly important for avoiding colds and flu, but should be balanced with Omega 3s, Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Calcium. The best source of D is the sun, but if you can’t get enough or are an older adult, supplementation is vital. Be sure to take liquid drops or sublingual tablets for better absorption.

PROBIOTICS – These are important to both prevent and treat illness. I prefer cultured vegetables, but daily pre and probiotic supplements can be taken. Mannose is my favorite prebiotic – works great for infections.

CURCUMIN (Tumeric) – Must be taken with food or gastritis or peptic ulcers may occur. Works medicinally when combined with black pepper and fat (coconut oil works). Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid this. Dosage is suggested at 500 mg to 4000 mg daily. Also works for pain!

ECHINACEATake 1,000 mg 3 times a day at the first sign of illness to help reduce symptoms. Researchers have proven it to be as effective, if not more so, as oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) at fighting respiratory infections.

OIL OF OREGANOTake 500 mg of this anti-viral supplement twice daily.

ZINCAlso anti-viral, zinc supports the immune system. Works best when 50-100 mg are taken daily at the first sign of any illness.  Take with food to avoid stomach upset.

ESSENTIAL OILS – Add several drops of tea tree or clove oil in a bowl of steaming water. Cover head with a towel and inhale for 5 to 10 minutes. Relieves congestion, fights infection and speeds recovery. Rub essential oils such as peppermint and/or frankincense to the neck and bottoms of the feet to support the immune system’s efforts to heal.

FOOD – Chicken or vegetable soup with a whole head of garlic is very healing. Include carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, dark green vegetables, peppers and onions. Drink plenty of fluids and REST!

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES – Homeopathy works great for the flu. During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, which killed millions of people, homeopathic physicians had a 98.5% success rate! Click here to learn which homeopathic remedies work best for the flu.

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