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Homeopathy for Allergies & Hayfever


Everyday substances like dust, pollen, mold and animal dander can make our lives miserable. I had hayfever symptoms every spring and fall before discovering homeopathy.

To select the correct remedy, find the one that best matches your symptoms. If nothing happens, try a different remedy. Once you find one that works, there is no need to repeat the dose unless symptoms return.

Allium cepa is the most common remedy for hayfever (also works for colds when symptoms match). The person experiences watery eyes and nose, with sneezing and sensitivity to light. The nasal discharge is burning, which irritates the upper lip and nose, but tears from the eyes are bland.

Arsenicum: Violent sneezing with thin, watery nasal discharge. There may be burning or itching in the eyes, nose or throat. The nose runs like a faucet, but often feels blocked. Those needing this remedy are thirsty for sips, restless  and anxious.

Euphrasia: Hay fever with sneezing and watery streaming from the eyes and nose. The eyes produce burning tears which irritate the cheeks. There is much redness and swelling in the eyes, with sensitivity to light, but the nasal discharge is bland (the opposite of Allium cepa). This remedy is also commonly used for conjunctivitis.

Natrum mur:  Streaming bland discharge from eyes and nose with much sneezing. The nasal discharge later becomes thick and clear (like egg whites), with a loss of taste and smell. This remedy would be more likely to work in a person who often has cold sores or canker sores, headaches, and perhaps a recent disappointment, rejection or grief.

Nux vomica: The person needing this remedy experiences a lot of irritability. There is much sneezing and profuse streaming from the eyes and nose. The discharge is fluent during the day, but stuffed up at night. The nose and eyes itch and burn, extending to the larynx and trachea.

Pulsatilla: When the person feels weepy and nasal discharge is thick and yellowish. The nose feels blocked.

Sabadilla: Sneezing is the most prominent symptom.

Wyethia: Itching of the nose and palate is present. Also consider the remedy Arundo.



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