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Doctors Curing Cancer with Vitamin C


When given intravenously in high doses, vitamin C goes directly into the bloodstream to kill cancer cells. I never thought I’d see this day, but it is going through the approval process as a safe alternative to chemotherapy or radiation. It’s been proven effective in animal studies, and phase 1 trials have demonstrated that it is safe and well-tolerated.

Although the vitamin has been tested many times as a cancer therapy, researchers almost always concluded that it was ineffective. The problem is, they were giving it to patients orally – a sure way to fail since Vitamin C is only effective when given intravenously.

Doctors at the University of Iowa are beginning to use the vitamin on patients with pancreatic cancer and lung cancer; measuring their progress against other patients who will continue to be given chemotherapy or radiation. The therapy works because Vitamin C generates hydrogen peroxide that kills cancer cells.

Source: What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine.

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