After years of debilitating mystery illness symptoms that mainstream medicine couldn’t help, I was fortunate to discover Homeopathy. While drugs had only made me sicker, I completely and permanently recovered with homeopathic medicine

I also realized a whole new level of health and well-being that I didn’t think was possible – for anyone. Introducing others to this remarkable healing art became my focus.

Joining NCH (National Center for Homeopathy) as a study group leader for my area got me started. I also spoke at conferences, participated in seminars, and taught numerous classes over the years.

It still warms my heart to hear from those who found the information life-changing. Now retired from practice and teaching, Healing the Root blog is my new platform for introducing this profound system of natural medicine that treats people, not disease – and heals from the root.


My Mission


Americans are the sickest and unhappiest citizens in the developed world, with the highest health care costs, so we’re obviously doing something wrong. I am especially concerned about our children, who face a dismal future of chronic illness and neurological challenges if we don’t act now.

Our body is designed to keep us balanced and healthy, but in today’s toxic, stress-filled world, it desperately needs our help. I’m on a mission to change sick-care back to health care and hope to accomplish 3 things through my blog:


1. Dispel Myths about Diet and Health

Information on how to eat and what to take has been conflicting and ever-changing over the years. This is primarily due to the influence of corporations who care more about profits than people.

Food and drug companies are known to produce studies done by their own researchers or 3rd parties they can influence. Studies can be manipulated to produce the desired outcome, and anyone attempting to uncover the truth is called a quack. It’s no wonder Americans are confused.

2. Introduce Root Healing 

Eliminating symptoms of illness or disease without addressing the underlying cause can create more serious health problems in the long-run. To learn more, read my post Why Symptoms Matter.

3. Encourage Self-reliance

Rather than pharmaceuticals, our family medicine chest contains homeopathic medicines, herbs, zinc and vitamin C. Raised on healthy food, exercise and home remedies, our kids didn’t need antibiotics and were never sick for more than a couple of days, at most. 

I haven’t taken even an aspirin (one of the most dangerous over-the-counter drugs on the market) in over 35 years. That’s pretty remarkable considering that most people my age take 5 or 6 medications every day and see an average of 12 different physicians a year. While doctors are certainly necessary at times, it is up to us to become so healthy we rarely need them.


Educational and Professional Background

I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University, with studies in Child Development and Nutrition. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree from OSU, I received certification in Dietetics & Nutrition from NYU.

Continuing education included courses in Enzyme Nutrition with Dr. Howard Loomis, Body Ecology with Donna Gates, and Botanical Medicine with Hanna Kroeger. As for Homeopathy, I introduced my husband, Tim, to homeopathic medicine. He then studied with some of the world’s most renowned homeopaths – and taught me.

In addition to teaching self-care homeopathy, I practiced nutrition in medical, chiropractic and naturopathic clinics. I have also worked as a Child Development and Adoption Specialist, and created several “green” businesses.

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