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What’s the Big Deal? 


Does anyone remember that the original DPT and polio vaccines were taken off the market because drug companies could no longer afford the barrage of injury and death lawsuits. The polio vaccine was even causing the very disease it was supposed to prevent. 

These days, however, vaccine companies cannot be sued. This is a personal issue for me because vaccine damage affected my family – which is one reason I love homeopathy, with its ability to restore health.

While they aren’t the only cause of neurological damage and other problems, due to the ingredients, vaccines are a huge trigger. Ask any parent (like me) who watched their child begin deteriorating shortly after being immunized. Also listen to medical doctors, drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical reps (video below) who are bravely stepping forward to expose corporate cover-up and greed.

Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

The reason you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for injury or death is because the U.S. Supreme court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” The rationale is that the benefits far outweigh the risks, but do they? And why are they unsafe? I read years ago that it is possible, but too expensive to make vaccines safe.

As a result of zero liability companies are churning out as many vaccines as possible – all poorly tested with dubious benefits. The FDA has even exempted pharmaceutical manufacturers from performing clinical safety or efficacy tests on seasonal influenza vaccines.

This practice continues to injure and kill our children at an alarming rate, while the authorities tell us to accept their word that vaccinations are safe. The reality is that vaccines are not tested for long-term safety and effectiveness. Short-term trials are provided by in-house researchers or third parties with ties to the industry.

Profits seem to come before safety – or even common sense, as the following comparison with other countries demonstrates:

  •  The U.S. gives more vaccines than any other country in the world
  • Our vaccine schedule from birth to age 1 is twice as many as other developed countries.
  • We have the sickest kids and highest infant mortality rate compared to other developed countries – despite spending the most on “health” care.
  • There is a vaccine court that awards damages, but drug manufacturers don’t invest a dime into the program – we do. The court requires a $400 filing fee and it is difficult to win a case; most are dismissed.
  • Vaccines are the top money-maker for U.S. drug companies, with 271 new vaccines in development – including one for cholesterol!

Become a Detective

It is difficult to find honest information while searching online. I urge you to check out my Resource page for websites dedicated in spreading the truth. If you still believe that vaccines are safe and necessary after watching the following video, that’s fine. I just want everyone to do the research – with an open mind.




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