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There are multiple causes of Alzheimer’s disease, but aging isn’t one of them! It’s just that as we get older, the body becomes overloaded with toxins IF we don’t take care of it properly.

Avoiding certain medications and junk food, taking the right supplements or superfoods, regular detoxification, and adapting a  positive attitude can prevent this and other conditions – including heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease.

In addition to dietary changes, you may find it helpful to consult with a certified homeopathic practitioner. In my opinion, Homeopathy is the best therapy in the world for complete and often permanent healing of Alzheimer’s and other dis-ease states.

You may also want to try your hand at self-care homeopathy for Alzheimer’s and other symptoms of dementia, using the remedies below. (Notify your doctor of any new therapies or diet). While “do-it-yourself” treatment can often help, the expertise of a homeopathic professional can take you to the highest level of health.


Homeopathic Remedies for Alzheimer’s

When determining which homeopathic is needed, match the remedy description to the overall pattern of symptoms the person is experiencing. 

The most effective homeopathic medicines for Alzheimer’s disease with marked forgetfulness are Anacardium and Alumina. Those needing Anacardium quickly forget the names of known people or what they just heard or saw. Along with forgetfulness, the person may also experience irritability, anxiety, anger with violent behavior, and use of foul language.

Alumina is selected when memory is weak or entirely lost. The mind is cloudy and they are slow to answer. The person may also lack of good judgement, become absent-minded, and make mistakes while writing and speaking.

Medorrhinum is indicated in Alzheimer’s when familiar names (sometimes even their own) or places are not remembered. They may not recognize family members or close friends. This remedy is also indicated when a person finds it difficult to carry on a conversation. They are unable to collect ideas, give incorrect replies, and get lost while conversing.

Lac Caninum is helpful if the person is forgetful while writing. They can’t concentrate or find the right words and make frequent spelling mistakes. He or she may also believe their disease is incurable and recovery is impossible.

Ignatia and Kali Phos are wonderful remedies to deal with depression and emotional imbalance in Alzheimer’s patients. Ignatia is the best choice when a person experiences sadness, weeping spells, sighing, and desires to be alone. Kali Phos can help Alzheimer’s patients who struggle with marked exhaustion, fatigue, gloominess, despondency, sadness and a dull mind.

Aurum met is useful when depression with suicidal tendencies persists in Alzheimer’s disease. A person requiring Aurum met also feels he is worthless and of little importance, and life is a burden. Even the slightest contradiction is unbearable and leads to acute anger outbursts.

Nux moschata may be indicated for thoughts that suddenly vanish while reading or writing. Those needing this remedy may have difficulty finding the right word when writing or speaking. They may also show marked drowsiness, absent-mindedness and indifferent behavior.

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