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Superior Health of the Unvaccinated Child


One reason many believe that vaccines are connected to so many modern disorders is that they are rare in the unvaccinated. If an unvaccinated child does happen to have neurological damage, one or more of the following factors are were involved.

During pregnancy, the mother:

  • Took medication, was vaccinated or received RhoGam injections
  • Used certain recreational drugs or alcohol
  • Was exposure to a high level of environmental toxins
  • Needed drugs to induce labor or manage birthing pain
  • Had more than a few amalgam fillings, which contain 50% mercury

After birth, the child:

  • Received antibiotics or other medications
  • Was exposed to an overload of environmental toxins

Blame the Genes

A recent study found 200 gene-disabling mutations found in the child with autism, but neither parent. I don’t believe that certain genes CAUSE autism, but rather make the child more susceptible when exposed to triggers such as vaccinations or environmental toxins.

A Homeopathic perspective

Homeopaths believe that certain “constitutional” types are more likely to suffer damage from an overload of toxins.

The Superior Health of Unvaccinated Children

Officials at the CDC refuse to objectively study the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, but we do have a comprehensive survey. It was conducted on over 10,000 completely unvaccinated children, comparing their health with that of their vaccinated peers.

Many vaccine investigators agree that the increase in asthma, diabetes, autism, and certain autoimmune disease is directly attributed to vaccine use. They also observe that the following conditions are rare in unvaccinated children, who typically experience superior health. 

  • allergies and asthma
  • frequent infections
  • seizures and strokes
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • depression or anxiety
  • anger and aggression
  • difficulty focusing, learning, or socializing in school

Pharmaceutical companies don’t want the results of a survey like this to be published as it threatens their very reliable and growing oil-well of profits:  childhood vaccination.   This is why surveys like this will never be reported objectively on (corporation controlled) evening news or in major newspapers.

While not vaccinating is no guarantee of health for your child, the odds are certainly in your favor if you choose to forgo shots. Studies prove that unvaccinated children suffer far fewer short and long-term health problems than vaccinated children.

Question and Research Everything

It is difficult finding the truth on the internet because the websites that show up first are those profiting from vaccines. I have posted links to articles and videos, produced by those wanting no more than to expose the lies we’ve been told.

Healthy Immunity is Key

The ideal is to increase the health of our children so the immune system can do its job of protecting them, the way nature intended. In a healthy body, childhood illness can be quite beneficial. My kids had chicken pox and healed in just a few days. Their symptoms were mild, thanks to Homeopathy, and they received important natural immunity.

Make an Educated Choice

I believe that parents should do what they think is best for their child, but highly recommend doing the research first, then making an educated choice. Visit my Resource page for more information.

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