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These amazing mineral-rich remedies offer a simple, effective, and inexpensive healing system for people of all ages, but are particularly helpful for children. They are completely safe and non-toxic, and easy to ingest in liquid or tablets that dissolve in the mouth.

For background information and dosage suggestions, read Boosting Healthy Growth and Development.To purchase Biochemic Cell Salts, click here.

The Twelve Tissue Salts with Keynote Symptoms

CALC FLUOR (Calcium Fluoride). Strengthens the enamel of the teeth (safer than fluoride treatments). Also promotes healthy skin, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and joints. For adults, Calc fluor restores elasticity to the skin.

CALC PHOS (Calcium Phosphate) comes from Phosphate of Lime and all cells and fluids of the body contain this salt. A deficiency results in defective nutrition, imperfect growth and decay. Good calcium metabolism is essential for healthy bones and Calc phos speeds up the healing of bone fractures as well. Helps restore the body after acute disease and infections. This remedy can also build up new blood cells and treat many forms of anemia.

Calc phos is especially useful when children are not developing properly due to inherited weakness, disease tendencies, and during teething and rapid growth spurts. It can also be used for upset stomach, post-nasal drip, and poor assimilation of nutrients.

CALC SULPH (Calcium Sulphate). Combined with Silica, it works to heal wounds. As a blood purifier, Calc sulph is primarily used for infections and general toxicity of the body; boils, abscesses, ulcers, pimples, etc. The discharges are yellow and filled with pus. It detoxifies the body and improves digestion and immunity. Symptoms of deficiency can also include hair loss, dandruff, and herpetic eruptions.

FERRUM PHOS (Phosphate of Iron) carries oxygen throughout the body and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. This is an excellent supplemental remedy for just about any condition. If given at the first signs of a fever, cold, or flu, it may stop the illness. Ferrum phos also balances iron in the body, whether too high or low. Good for congestive headaches in children, as well as constipation, earache, sore throat, and bleeding from the nose or wounds.

KALI MUR (Potassium Chloride) naturally occurs in the mineral carnallite. This is a remedy for sluggish, run-down conditions and inflammation. Like Calc sulph, it cleanses and purifies the blood. Since Kali mur is a building agent, it increases vitality and health. A person needing this remedy will often produce gray or thick white mucus with coughs, stuffy colds, bronchitis, allergies, and conditions of the Eustachian tubes. Other conditions include Acne Rosacea, white coated tongue (from sluggish liver), swollen throat and tonsillitis.

When alternated with Ferrum Phos, it is helpful for combating respiratory illness. Combined with Nat Mur, it increases digestion. Kali Mur is also a first aid treatment for burns.

KALI PHOS (Kali phosphoricum – Phosphate of Potash) is a wonderful tonic for the central nervous system, calming the anxious, nervous child and aiding recovery from prolonged stress or grief. It is also used for student brain-fog and poor memory, depression, sleeplessness, temper tantrums, fear, irritability, septic conditions, and bad breath. If caused by emotional stress, Kali phos also covers asthma, headaches, skin disease, indigestion, and sweat.

KALI SULPH (Sulphate of Potash) works with Ferrum Phos as an oxygen-carrier. Whenever there is a lack of sulphate in the system, there will be yellow or greenish discharges. There is breakdown of the skin and high fevers from infections or inflammations. This is the body’s attempt to get rid of toxins from a poor diet or polluted conditions. Kali sulph is useful for eczema, sinusitis, intestinal disorders, inflammatory conditions, asthma, psoriasis, dandruff, and menstrual irregularities. Indications for needing this salt include liver spots, freckles, pregnancy mask, and brownish-yellow pigmentation of the nose-mouth area or a lack of pigmentation (vitiligo).

MAG PHOS (Phosphate of Magnesium) is a remarkable anti-spasmodic. It complements Kali Phos where the nervous system and brain are concerned. The symptoms are cramping and darting pains, as found in sciatica or neuralgia. It works well with Calc Phos for most kinds of cramps, including menstrual and leg cramps.

NAT MUR (Sodium Chloride) is the water distributor Cell Salt that maintains a proper degree of moisture throughout the system. Excessive moisture or excessive dryness in any part of the system indicates a Nat Mur deficiency. The organs most influenced by this salt are the kidneys and sinuses. Nat Mur is an anti-histamine and one of the most important cell salts for digestion (helps to produce hydrochloric acid), arthritis, and water regulation. Symptoms of those needing this remedy can include sweating, bloating and puffiness, excessive salivation, watery blisters, dry mouth and tongue, sunstroke, constipation, anemia, hay fever, headaches, colds with watery mucus discharge and sneezing; dry, painful nose and throat symptoms; heartburn; great thirst, toothache, watery eyes or nose, drowsiness, and facial neuralgia. The person needing Nat Mur may experience depression or have a history of grief.

NAT PHOS (Sodium Phosphate) governs the acid balance of the body. Alkalinity is health and over acid conditions allow for disease. The tongue often has a yellow mucus coating. Acid signs are a yellow coating on the tongue, body smell or sour-smelling discharges (sweat, stool). Indigestion is a sign of lack of this salt, and assimilation of fats and other nutrients is dependent on this remedy.

Nat Phos is needed when symptoms of acidity are present such as acid dyspepsia. Other indications are highly colored urine and a yellow creamy coating on the tongue.

NAT SULPH (Sodium Sulphate) is responsible for liver health. It is also used for those with head injuries where one has become depressed and irritable. As with all sulphates, there are yellow discharges. This salt is responsible for helping the body get rid of excess water. Used for both diabetes and asthma in children, especially in damp weather. This person may also have bad-smelling gas.

SILICEA (Silica) strengthens connective tissue and helps the body to rid itself of foreign objects like glass, splinters and toxic metals, etc. This remedy can also dissolve scar tissue, heal the skin, and help to neutralize vaccination reactions. Those needing Silica are generally timid and their hands and feet are continuously cold.

Since Silicea attempts to move foreign objects from the body, it should not be taken by anyone with artificial joints, pacemaker, breast implants, etc. Always consult your health care practitioner before taking this and other remedies.

Detailed information on the salts and their specific health applications can be found in Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry by J.B. Chapman, M.D. 


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