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Homeopathic Medicine for Pets


Homeopathy works great for your pet’s physical, behavioral or emotional issues. This was especially useful with our feral cat who was terrified of people. She has come such a long way with homeopathy, Bach Flowers and patience – from a “scardy cat” to an affectionate softie.

Since our cats are extremely healthy, we have only needed homeopathy for ear mites in one (the remedy Sulphur) and rhinitis in the other. The shelter had treated him with drugs, but it didn’t go away until we tried homeopathy.

To learn more about using homeopathy for pets, Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs is my favorite book, but there are several to choose from. Animals respond remarkably well to homeopathic remedies. For information on ordering kits just for animals, click here.

We have successfully used homeopathy for our and other animals in the following situations: injured in fights, skin problems, stiff joints, watery eyes, fatty deposits, and more serious conditions. The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum even saved a dachshund who was dying after ingesting a poisonous substance.

For information on healthy food for cats and dogs, read this post. To learn about using homeopathic remedies, click hereTo learn how to use homeopathy for your pets, watch the presentation by a veterinarian below.

The following videos will give you detailed information. The first is an introduction to homeopathy for animals and the second, homeopathic remedies commonly used for pets.


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