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How Toxic are You?

If you want to know your level of toxicity, have someone massage your back by “rolling” the skin with their fingers. It should feel good, but if your body is full of toxins, it will hurt!  Another way of determining toxicity is to see how many of the following symptoms you have:

  • inability to lose weight
  • bloating and indigestion
  • acne, rosacea, itchy or flaky skin
  • overheating/excess sweating
  • pain or discomfort over the liver
  • stiff or painful muscles and/or joints
  • abdominal fat
  • blood sugar issues
  • fluid retention
  • headaches
  • fatigue, especially in the morning
  • difficulty digesting fatty foods
  • insomnia – waking in the middle of the night
  • constipation
  • gallbladder issues (even if your gallbladder has been removed)
  • acid reflux or heartburn
  • moodiness or depression
  • white or yellow-coated tongue
  • bad breath
  • congested sinuses
  • autoimmune issues
  • chemical sensitivity – intolerance to alcohol or fumes


Where do Toxins Come From?

We are exposed to thousands of poisonous chemicals daily in our food, water, and air – chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and radioactive materials. Toxins are in our beauty products, household cleaners, homes and lawns, computers and cell phones, and food. They produce cellular damage, allergic reactions, compromised immunity, and rapid aging; leading to symptoms of illness and disease, including:

  •  Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heart disease

Toxins can also be a trigger for neurological conditions such as epilepsy depression, anxiety and autism spectrum disorder. In fact, children with autism have been known to greatly improve after detoxifying with ionic foot baths (or after a bout of diarrhea!) and zeolite.

In addition to exposure from external toxins, our bodies produce internal toxins as the end-result of disruptions of our cellular metabolism.

Many of these toxins become lodged in our fatty tissue. As I understand it, the body places them in fat in order to “wall them off” from the rest of the body. Lodged in the membrane of your cells, however, they can still create problems. The biggest issue is that embedded toxins can mimic and disrupt hormonal balance, resulting in weight gain or the inability to lose weight.


Channels of Elimination

With a normal amount of toxins, a healthy body releases them through various channels of elimination. These days, however, our body is faced with a constant onslaught of dangerous substances and the following organs and systems just can’t keep up.

  • The Liver eliminates toxins through bile production
  • Our skin, one of the largest detoxifying channels, is constantly shedding skin cells to rid itself of poison.
  • The bowels and digestive organs including the bladder and kidneys, large and small intestines also work very hard at keeping us toxin free.
  • The lymph system keeps T-lymphocyte cells circulating to help kill foreign invaders like viruses that come from mold exposure.


Safe Removal

Getting rid of toxicity can be tricky. While it is relatively easy to dislodge the poisonous substances (which are primarily in fatty tissue), they don’t just automatically go away. Instead, toxins circulate throughout the body, causing more harm than before because they are no longer “walled off” by fat. The trick is to “capture” and move them out of the body with a substance like zeolite.

The safest way to detoxify is to begin cleansing the body with food. Emphasize organic fruits, vegetables, superfoods and herbs that are known to naturally help the body release toxins:

  • cruciferous vegetables
  • cilantro
  • citrus and other juicy fruits
  • chlorella
  • dandelion and milk thistle
  • zeolite



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