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Homeopathy Saves the Day – Again!


Our family has had its share of accidents and injuries since I first learned homeopathy, 35 years ago. There were many instances when I wondered what we would have done without these amazing remedies – especially while traveling or on outdoor adventures.

When the family was sledding on Mt. Hood in Oregon, our daughter (then 6) broke her collar-bone when 3 very large men in a sled plowed into her. The first move was to reduce pain and inflammation with Arnica. We watched in awe as she rapidly shifted from screaming in pain to telling jokes, which made the 2-hour drive to the hospital easier for all. After the bone was set, other remedies (Calc phos and Symphytum) followed to ensure proper healing.

Arnica, in addition to Aconite, would save the day again when I fell asleep at the wheel on the highway – with cruise control on 65. Even though my car was totalled when landing in a ditch, there were no serious injuries or other cars involved (yes, I believe in miracles).

The first person to come to the scene was a doctor, who looked puzzled when I asked him to grab my homeopathic kit from the trunk. I immediately took Aconite and Arnica, which brought me out of shock.  Arnica would be taken often, along with Rhus tox and Bryonia, for whiplash and bruises, but I recovered just fine.

Homeopathy also saved the day multiple times when my husband was volunteering in India and Central America.

Other family situations included:

  • brown recluse spider bite (Lachesis)
  • spinal injury from falling on ice (Silicea and Hypericum)
  • ant and bee stings (Apis and Ledum)
  • Blood poisoning from a rusty nail (Ledum)
  • sprained ankles (Ruta and Rhus tox)
  • blisters-burns-sunburn (Cantharis)
  • scrapes and puncture wounds (Ledum and Hypericum)

I am grateful for the many ways that homeopathy has helped our family and love sharing the information with others. To learn more, read Do-it-Yourself  Health: The top homeopathic remedies for Self-care.

Please note: Homeopathy is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or care. In an emergency, call 911 or contact your physician.


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