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Help for Developmental Delay

While every child develops at his or her own pace, there are milestones they should reach by a certain age, and the first 3 years are critical. When a child is unable to meet these milestones within the time frame expected at his or her age, they are classified as developmentally delayed. Development can be late in any area – speech and language, gross/fine motor activities, thinking and understanding skills, social and emotional development.

  • By 6 months: Children should have achieved head control, roll over, sit up with support, and begin to babble.
  • 9 months: Be able to crawl, sit without support, or respond to familiar names.
  • 12-15 months: Say at least 1 or 2 words, stand without support, and begin to walk.
  • By 2 years: Normally children are speaking at least 10-15 words and can walk by this age.


There are multiple causes of delay, but the following are the most common:

  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Premature birth
  • Genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Traumatic stress
  • Toxic overload from the environment, drugs, vaccinations, etc. (during gestation or after birth)


The Homeopathic Approach

Homeopathic medicine can help children reach their developmental milestones amazingly fast. It is highly safe and effective in treating delay on all levels. The medicines, called remedies, are completely natural, so free from harmful side-effects. A Homeopathic Practitioner determines a remedy that matches the child’s overall physical, mental, and emotional characteristics.


Following are a few homeopathic remedies used for children with developmental delay. Do any of the these sound like your child?


Calcarea carb

  • Chubby, with a big head and large belly
  • Pale skin
  • Sluggish, dull and lethargic
  • Cautious and fearful
  • Hands soft, cool
  • Slow to walk
  • Delayed dentition
  • Experience difficulty learning
  • Kind and caring
  • Fear of heights
  • Fontanelle, especially the anterior one, may be slow to close
  • Perspire excessively, mainly on the scalp, neck and chest
  • Sour smell to stool, sweat and urine
  • Love cheese, eggs, and indigestible things – like chalk or dirt
  • Cautious
  • Moves slowly
  • Sensitivity to both the cold and the sun
  • Glands often enlarged
  • Exertion can bring on sweating and breathlessness
  • Slow doing most tasks and keeping up with others

Calc phos

  • Delicate, thin, pale and emaciated
  • Late in learning to walk and talk
  • Weak, peevish, fretful – continually want change
  • Teeth develop slowly
  • Memory is weak – slow to learn
  • Posterior Fontanelle may be slow to close
  • Get sick with cold weather – and change of weather
  • Skull is soft, thin and brittle
  • Weak digestive system – child wants to be nursed all the time
  • Unable to assimilate calcium
  • Spitting up, colic, or vomiting after feeding
  • May have chronic diarrhea with watery, offensive and greenish stool

Baryta carb

  • Delay due to trauma and vaccinations
  • Physically undersized emaciated, with a large belly
  • Mentally and physically delayed
  • Slow learning to walk and talk
  • Chilly
  • Happier in familiar surroundings – doesn’t want to play with other children
  • Poor memory, forgetful
  • Timid and shy or cowardly – often afraid of strangers
  • Profuse sweat with offensive odor, mainly on the feet
  • Constantly changes mind
  • Tendency to bouts of tonsillitis
  • All symptoms are worse after eating


  • Large head and thin legs
  • Sutures and Fontenelle are often slow to close
  • Late learning to walk and talk
  • Looks emaciated, with a distended abdomen
  • Experience defective assimilation


The Healing Process

Once a homeopathic remedy is chosen, based on the child’s constitution, the practitioner determines the best potency and frequency of dose. If it is a good match, the healing process begins. The Homeopath then follows the child’s progress over several months until the desired level of health is achieved. Results vary, but improvement can often be observed in a very short time.


Please Note:  Developmental delay is a complex condition that requires the expertise of a trained homeopathic practitioner. This post is for informational purposes only. If your child has a medical or developmental problem, consult your health care practitioner.


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