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Homeopathic remedies are often effective in treating most animal and insect bites and stings. For bee or wasp stings, remove the stinger by scraping rather than using tweezers or fingers. If symptoms persist, call 911 or get medical assistance quickly. 

For snakebite, keep the victim still to slow the spread of the venom. Wash the bite with soap and clean water and gently wipe dry. Because of possible swelling, remove any jewelry. Keep the wound below heart level. Call 911 or take to the nearest hospital immediately.

To select a homeopathic remedy, see which one best fits the symptoms the person is experiencing.

Aconite: For fright and psychological shock from a bite or sting. Person is anxious and very restless.

Apis: For any insect bite or sting that is swollen, burns or stings. You can also use Apis for allergic swelling of the throat.

Arnica: When the bite is swollen, bruised, and painful. Useful if the victim goes into shock.

Arsenicum: Burning pain. Person is restless and fearful.

Carbo veg: For shock and collapse after being stung. Repeat every 10 minutes if necessary.

Hypericum: For bites and puncture wounds. There are sharp or shooting pains that radiate out from the injured area.

Ledum: For most bites and stings, especially those that itch, are cold, septic or numb.

Rhus Tox: Blistering. Person is restless, but not fearful.

Urtica urens: Jellyfish sting. Allergic reaction from eating shellfish. (Compare Apis).

Consider: Staphysagria. (Specific for mosquito bites), Cantharis (if blisters), Lachesis (snake bite or brown recluse spider bite), Lycopus (scorpion), Tarentula (septic conditions).

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