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Homeopathy for Accidents & Injuries


Homeopathy can often reduce pain and inflammation, minimize trauma, and speed healing in a wide range of first-aid situations. In an emergency, the remedies can be taken while waiting for help to arrive or on your way to the hospital.

The following homeopathic remedies contain descriptions of symptoms the person may be experiencing. Choose the one (or more) that best matches the situation and repeat as needed.

Aconite: Anxiety, restlessness, and fear resulting from an injury, accident, or shock. Specific for acute eye injury or pain.

Apis: Swelling, hives, allergic reactions, itching. Bee stings and insect bites. Symptoms are better with cold application.

Arnica: Lessens shock and promotes recovery from any injury. For muscular aches and pains, bruises, soreness, over-exertion, sprains.

Arsenicum: Food poisoning, infections, diarrhea.

Belladonna: Fever that comes on suddenly, with intense heat and redness.

Calendula: tincture or gel. Stops bleeding and prevents infection when applied directly to a cut, scrape or other wound.

Cantharis: Burns and sunburn, burning pain, blisters.

Carbo veg: Asphyxiation, collapse. Altitude sickness. Hypothermia.

Chamomilla: Intolerable pain accompanied by anger and/or frantic behavior.

Euphrasia: Eye wound/pain

Glonoinum: Congestive, throbbing pain. Sun/heat over-exposure.

Hypericum: Injury to the nerves, including smashed fingers and toes, spinal/tailbone injuries. Cuts or blisters and puncture wounds from animal bites, nails, needles, fishhooks, etc.

Ledum: To speed the healing of puncture wounds from nails, splinters, needles, and other sharp objects. Also for bruises, black eyes, and insect bites and strings.

Mag phos: Cramps of all types that are improved by pressure and warmth.

Nat sulph: Head injuries (Take Arnica first).

Phosphorus: Bleeding, nosebleeds. Speeds recovery after being struck by lightning.

Ruta: Wrenched joints, tendons, and ligaments. Ankle or wrist sprain or dislocation.

Urtica Urens: Burns and scalds, including sunburn. Insect and jellyfish bites and stings. Allergic reaction to shellfish. Hives. Compare Apis.

You will generally notice a change within 15 – 30 minutes (or sooner) in acute situations. If there is no relief, try a different remedy. If symptoms persist, call your doctor or dial 911.

Unless you have a kit of 36 or more remedies, the most important ones to purchase individually would be Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Arsenicum, Hypericum and Ledum. To learn more, including recommendations for potency and dosage, read My Homeopathic Medicine Chest.

Please Note: This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace medical diagnosis, treatment, or care. If symptoms persist, contact your health care practitioner. In an emergency, call 911.


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