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Heavy Metal Detox Strategies


Detoxification is the  most important thing you can do to dramatically improve your health. Whether detoxifying for weight loss, skin problems, more energy, to cure disease, or improve conditions such as ADHD or Autism, here’s how to do it right.

Jordan Rubin, The Maker’s Diet author, lists the best supplements you can take to restore your health and prevent disease (video below). They are as follows:

Chlorella – contains chlorophyll and other nutrients to boost health and naturally detox your body.

Charcoal – also helps with gas and bloating. Can also be taken as when drinking too much or eating something that doesn’t agree with your body – great for food poisoning.

Shilajit – Chelator of heavy metals that also boosts immunity and libido. Similar to Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic Acid – Removes toxins (don’t need if taking Shilajit) – take in liquid or powdered form for best results.

Cilantro – Powerful leafy herb that detoxifies mercury and other toxic metals. Best juiced with celery, cucumber, etc. Can also take as a tincture. Be sure to store fresh cilantro with the stems in water.

SBOs – Soil based organisms (probiotics) get rid of waste material that harbor heavy metals

Bentonite Clay – Trap toxins to get them out of the body.

Bone Broth – Heals the liver and the gut. Full of amino acids, minerals, proline, glutamine and collagen. Make your own from grass-fed beef or free-range chicken bones, or take as a protein powder in smoothies.

Milk Thistle – Can boil 1 tablespoon of seeds to 16 oz water – simmer for several hours or take as a supplement

Broccoli Sprouts – Anti-cancer and powerful liver detoxifier. Can take in a supplement or grow the sprouts

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