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After years of debilitating “mystery illness” symptoms that mainstream medicine couldn’t help, I was fortunate to discover Homeopathic Medicine. While drugs had only made me sicker, I recovered completely and permanently with homeopathy.

I also realized a whole new level of health and well-being that I didn’t think was possible – for anyone. Eager to learn more about this system of natural medicine that had “saved my life,” I got to work educating myself.

With many (often miraculous) successes using the remedies on family and friends, I overcame my fear of public speaking to share this knowledge with others. I became a study group leader through the National Center for Homeopathy, spoke at conferences, participated in seminars, and taught hundreds of classes in natural health and healing over the years.

It still warms my heart to hear from those whose lives were changed by the information. No longer formally teaching, Healing the Root is my new platform for introducing this amazing healing art that treats people, not disease.


Americans are the sickest and unhappiest citizens in the developed world, with the highest health care costs, so we’re obviously doing something wrong. I am especially concerned about our children, who face a dismal future of chronic illness and neurological challenges if we don’t act now.

Our body was divinely designed to keep us balanced and healthy, but in today’s toxic, chaotic world, it desperately needs our help. My blog was created to show you how we can change sick-care back to health care. I’m on a mission to:

1. Dispel Myths about Diet and Health

Information on how to eat and what to take has been conflicting and ever-changing over the years. This is primarily due to the influence of corporations who care more about profits than people.

Food and drug companies are known to produce studies done by their own researchers or 3rd parties they can influence. Studies can be manipulated to produce the desired outcome, and anyone attempting to uncover the truth is called a quack. It’s no wonder we’re confused.

2. Find the Root Cause 

When illness arises, instead of treating the symptoms, l want to know what caused them in the first place. Masking these valuable signs, produced by the body (for a reason) with drugs just creates more serious problems down the road. To learn how to address the underlying cause of illness and disease, read Healing the Root.

3. Encourage Self-reliance

I began treating myself and family, including the furry ones, after purchasing a homeopathic remedy kit and book. I haven’t taken even an aspirin (one of the most popular, but dangerous over-the-counter drugs on the market) in over 40 years. That’s pretty remarkable considering that most people my age see an average of 12 different physicians a year and take 5 or 6 medications every day. While doctors are certainly necessary at times, it is up to us to become so healthy we rarely need them.

4. Create community

I envision a free online community where you can get answers to your questions about natural health and healing. If you’d like to join, send me an email. I would also love to know how you found me and if there is a particular topic you would like to know more about.


I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University, with studies in Child Development and Nutrition. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree from OSU, I received certification in Dietetics & Nutrition from NYU.

Continuing education included courses in Enzyme Nutrition with Dr. Howard Loomis, Body Ecology with Donna Gates, and Botanical Medicine with Hanna Kroeger and other teachers. Tim, my husband, was my homeopathic mentor. I introduced him to homeopathy, then he studied with the masters and taught me.

Now retired, I have had a variety of fun jobs and rewarding careers. In addition to teaching and entrepreneurial pursuits, I practiced Nutrition in medical-naturopathic-chiropractic clinics, and was an Adoption Specialist for a private agency.


Named after my father, Dale, my name is pronounced Day-leen, though I am often called Darlene. Despite what auto-correct thinks, there is no “r” in Dalene. At one point, I added a “y” to my name, which worked for pronunciation – but totally confused my friends.

A long-time proponent of all things “green and natural,” I was a granola mom before it became a term and prefer living simply and sustainably. Our children, now adults, were raised on whole foods and natural medicine. They never needed antibiotics or other drugs – we had homeopathy.

I still make all meals, household cleaners, and beauty products from scratch, and use only natural medicine. Tim and I have been able to prevent and reverse serious health conditions in both ourselves and others. We feel extremely blessed to have the knowledge we do.

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